Gift Wrapping


 Expedited Shipping

Gift Wrapping

A beautiful sleek 32cm/12.6inches ×25cm/9.8inches black box which has been embellished with traditional Japanese decorative wrappings.A dustcover and instructional care card is also included.

Black Cardboard Gift Box

Black Cardboard Gift Box


Gift Wrapping

Our signature wooden gift box which measures 31cm x 23cm x7cm (12 x 8.9 x 2.5 inches ). A dustcover and instructional care card is also included.

Rinne Wooden Signature Box

Rinne Wooden Signature Box


Expedited Shipping

Please choose this option if you would like to have your parcel delivered at a faster rate.

■Shipping Courier : Japan Postal Service 

■Delivery Day : Asia 2-7 days, Oceania 3-6 days, North America 4-7 days, Middle East 5-9 days, Europe 2-6 days, South America 4-5 days, Africa 3-20 days

Expedited Shipping

Expedited Shipping


Care Instructions

Bag: Obi fabric is traditionally not made to be washed.If you must clean, wipe the clutch gently with a fabric cleaner or blot gently using a towel dipped in soap and water.Consider treating your clutch with a fabric protector in order to protect it from water damage, stains & snags. The fabric for your bag is very delicate and each piece is very different from the next.If you are unsure of what to do, take your bag to a dry cleaner who specializes in treating silk.


Important points:

* Washing your bag with water will possibly cause shrinkage and loss of color.

* It’s not advisable to wash your silk kimono or obi by yourself. It’s better to leave them with a reliable dry cleaning shop which can treat high-grade silk items.

* Frequently cleaning kimono fabric can cause damage to the cloth so cleaning as little as possible is preferred.

* When there is a small stain or mark on your kimono or obi clean only that area as soon as possible  (there is no need to clean the entire garment).


Obihimo (Japanese rope)

The tassel at the end of the rope may become frayed or disheveled.

If this should happen, use a liquid seam or fraying sealant, this will seal it and keep the tassel in place.You may also place only the tassel over steam, this will help loosen and straighten the strings.


Take extra care when wearing jewelry as embroidered threads can easily be caught and snagged.Store your bag in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

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